We are 25+ practitioners (LCSW-Cs, LCPCs, CHTs,  PsyDs,  L ACs )sharing a beautiful space in Catonsville. We each put in $25/month for membership. This prepays our first hour we reserve each month. Additional reservations are $15/hr. Once we have rented 12 hours, the rate drops, and then drops again, so you are never paying more than you would for a full-time office. Win-Win. You never pay too much, you never have too few hours.

Some of us are full-time, some of us are part-time, and some of us are part, part part time. There is no minimum amount you have to rent each month, although most of us have about four or five reservations a month.  For many of us, this is our second location, and we are able to appeal to a broader area of Baltimore via this Baltimore County location. If you are looking for offices to rent or share in Baltimore County, there isnt a group more flexible and affordable than we are.

Close to Route 40,695 and Frederick Road.  We are sitting just south of Route 40 on North Rolling Road, in a professional building at 516 North Rolling Road. The building has an elevator, is easy to find on Google Maps, and we have lots of parking. Our conference room is big - big enough to easily accommodate a group of fifteen. Perfect for support groups and CEUs!

waiting room